TENDER NOTICE for the Temagami First Nation Housing

Bear Island, Temagami, Ontario

The Temagami First Nation (TFN) wishes to provide notice of the current tendering of the Temagami First Nation Housing project, located on Bear Island, Lake Temagami, Northeastern Ontario.

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of 980 s.m. (10,550 s.f.) two storey slab on grade building, of reinforced concrete masonry foundations and wood framed structure, complete with associated site development, site servicing, mechanical, electrical and sprinkler system work.

The following General Contractors have prequalified for this project:

Praztek Construction                                                                 Quinan Construction Ltd.          

834 Mountjoy Street, South                                                        55 Progress Drive, Unit 1

Timmins, ON  P4N 7J3                                                               Orillia, ON  L3V 6H1

Ph:  (705) 264-7729                                                                    Ph:  (705) 325-7704


Steelwood Construction Ltd.                                                   W.S. Morgan Construction Ltd. 

6 First Street                                                                              19 Bowes Street

Moosonee, ON  P0L 1Y0                                                           Parry Sound, ON  P2A 2K7

Ph:  (705) 336-2595                                                                   Ph:  (705) 746-9686


Questions relating to the project should be directed in writing to the Consultant, Larocque Elder Architects, Architectes Inc., by e-mail to tenders@leaainc.com.  Any addenda, as may be issued during the tendering period, will be provided directly to prequalified General Contractors and Plan Rooms as named above.  Addenda will not be posted on Merx.

 Bid Submissions will only be accepted from the above noted Prequalified General Contractors.  To be considered, offers must be submitted on official tender forms addressed to the Owner and received prior to the closing date and time as per the requirements of the Bid Documents.

Submissions received after the closing date and time will not be accepted.  Fax or e-mail submissions will not be accepted.  The Owner reserves the right to modify specific deadlines, reject any or all bid submissions for any reason without liability for any costs or damages incurred by the Bidder, including without limitation any expense incurred in the preparation of the bid submission.



Construction Document Depository

955 Stockdale Road, Unit 5

North Bay, ON

Ph:  (705) 495-2515


North Bay Plan Room                                                               

2750 Highway. 11 North                                                            

North Bay, ON                                                                            

Ph:  (705) 494-7446                                                                   


Northeastern Ontario Construction Association                                            

257 Beatty Street,

Sudbury, ON                                                                            

Ph:  (705) 673-5619

Timmins Construction Association                                      

76 McIntyre Road

Schumacher, ON                                                                            

Ph:  (705) 268-3757

Barrie Construction Association                                          

200 Brock Street

Barrie, ON                                                                            

Ph:  (705) 726-5864