Photography by Wahnapitae First Nations

Photography by Wahnapitae First Nations

Client: Wahnapitae First Nation 

Building GFA: 10,215 sq.ft. 

Completion Year: 2013

Wahnapitae First Nations Centre of Excellence is a 10,215 s.f. community / administration centre that offers a multitude of services to the community such as governance, administration, sustainable development, health clinic, multi-purpose hall and serves as a hub for the First Nation community located on the shoreline of lake Wahnapitae. The positioning of the building in keeping with the East / West orientation was centrally located within the community to provide a symbolic center / a landmark destination for its residents. A large circular path with four fire pits strategically positioned on the axial cardinal points, provide orientation, and meaning to the  heritage and celebrations of  the Wahnapitae tribe. 

The design of the building was LEED inspired which included the following green features: passive solar heating, geothermal technology, energy conservation and low impact storm water management, and indigenous drought resistant plant re-forestation.